International Music RP

International Music Role Play
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Non-American Bands RP
This is going to be an RP for people who like non-american bands. There is no plot for this and all musicians and singers can be played ooc. Also posts are not in third person nor are in large paragraphs.

  1. Members will not disrespect each other (or the Mod), or gang up on one another.

  2. When posting in the Community, post as your character. I won't even be using my personal LJ here. There will be an OOC Community made for if anyone needs to talk as themselves and inform the Comm of hiatuses, vacations, or other periods of absense.

  3. Anything is accepted here. Violence, slash, swearing, drinking, etc. are accepted for characters. If you don't approve of any of the above ------>

  4. There is no character limit, though I suggest starting off with only 1 or 2.

  5. Please be able to speak/write in English.

  6. No talking in the following ways: tHiS, this, and no monster text.

  7. Note: This community is still under construction and things may be modified or changed as needed.